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A light tapping noise alerts me to the laundry room window, where I find my sister, uncle, mom, and aunt, staring up back at me.

“Open the window!”, my aunt insists, her voice hovering somewhere between a whisper and a holler.

The laundry room is connected to the kitchen, which also connects to an outside door in the hallway. I assume that once I open the window for my aunt, she will open the door for the rest of my curiously eager family members. I still do not know why they are here — nor why they are…

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I was suspended once, in the 8th grade. To be fair, the details are almost as ordinary as they come: I, a straight-A student, got into a fight in the school cafeteria with another young Black girl who had made it her mission to antagonize me. She swung, I swung, and we both got suspended: I, for one day, and she, for two weeks. While school administrators had elected to give me a generic misconduct infraction, hardly even a blip on my disciplinary record, they decided to give her a more severe violence & insubordination infraction. In reflecting on my…

Dara Huggins

Dara Huggins, M.A., is a NSF- funded Ph.D. student in social psychology at Columbia, studying diversity, inclusion, and conflict in the workplace & classroom.

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